MIDIberry-IO mi.1

MIDIberry-IO mi.1 is MIDI bridge app for QUICCO SOUND mi.1.

This is a sister product of MIDIberry, but unlike MIDIberry, work in both directions.

Don’t update to Windows 10 May 2020 Update. With this version, you can’t connect mi.1.


MIDIberry-IO mi.1


connect mi.1 to your MIDI device


Step 1

loopMIDI application creates virtual MIDI ports. MIDIberry-IO mi.1 provides connections between the mi.1’s Bluetooth MIDI ports and the virtual MIDI ports.

Make two of virtual MIDI ports on loopMIDI.

  • mi.1 INPUT
  • mi.1 OUTPUT
Write New port-name…
write “mi.1 INPUT” and click “+”
write “mi.1 OUTPUT” and click “+”
two port added. Minimize the window.

Minimize loopMIDI window and right click icon, check them

  • Start minimized
  • Autostart loopMIDI
See task-tray and check.

Step 2

Pair mi.1 with Windows 10 PC.

Select Bluetooth
Select mi.1
Click Done
mi.1 connected!

Step 3

Launch MIDIberry-IO mi.1

Select INPUT and OUTPUT.

  • mi.1 INPUT as INPUT to DAW
  • mi.1 OUTPUT as OUTPUT from DAW

Step 4

Setup MIDI controller in your DAW.

See the example for Ableton Live.

Start Ableton Live and open preferences – Link MIDI
Turn on

  • Input: mi.1 INPUT
  • Output:  mi.1 OUTPUT

Step 5

Play and record ! Enjoy!