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If you tried MIDIberry, please tell me whether your device works.
If you have any questions, please write comments.



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    1. Hi,

      Doesn’t worked here.

      I’m using Livid Guitar Wing, Midiberry or Midisynth berry, loopBe. Windows 10 v.1607 14393.1944

      It seems to connect but doesn’t receive any midi message “Input Device connected sucesfully! waiting for messages…”

      It’s a great idea I hope it will be working soon!

      1. I do not have an old version of Windows already. Also, I do not have Livid Guitar Wing.
        If possible, please try out the new version of Windows.
        It may work with Fall Creators Update (Version 1709 build 16299.125).

        1. Updated. It doesn’t works with the last version of Windows 10 1709 16299.125 and Livid guitar wing, neither using an android phone with Jamstick+ simulator app as BLE midi controller… I Don’t understand where is the problem, seems to be connected but there aren’t Midi Messages in the monitor. Thanks!

          1. Carlos, I’m working now with the guitar wing linked to my pc without the usb receiver following this steps. It works fine but I can’t minimize the Midiberry windows because I lose connection with the GW.

            I always do the same steps:

            -Start loopmidi (or loopbe1)
            -Open Daw
            -Open midiberry
            -Turn On guitar wing

            You have to open loopmidi before midiberry. Otherwise you will not be able to see the virtual ports in the output box of midiberry. I prefer to open Daw before midiberry because sometimes I lose connection when I do the opposite. If for some reason you turn off your gw and want to reconnect just close midiberry and reopen it, then turn on your gw.

            I hope it helps.

    2. Hello,

      I am using MIDIBerry and it works well, the only problem I am having is that it doesn’t retain the connections with a reboot. How can this be saved?

      Thanks Chris.

      1. Whether the connection is retained may depend on the device.
        What device are you using?

    3. I cannot get Midiberry on Windows 10 to receive BLE Midi from my Roli Seaboard. I have connected to the Seaboard using a BLE Scanner and confirmed keypress data is being transmitted by the Roli, but in Mideberry, it shows nothing on the monitor, even though connected? Any idea what might be the issue? It does work for others, or at least it has worked for others in the past.

        1. I’ve had to give up on it. I spent 2 days trying various configurations of loopmidi and Midiberrym but all I can get it Midiberry to pair with the Roli, but never any midi data seen inside Midiberry port. Why I can see the hexadecimal transmission looing at the BLE transmission, but not Midiberry suggests Roli firmware must have blocked Midiberry as others clearly got Roli & Midiberry working just fine.

    4. Looks like it is broken again under Windows 10 21H1 19043.985
      Midiberry MD-BT01 just sais “MD-BT01 not found!!!”

      Maybe you can fix it ?

    5. Hello I tried MidBery on a Microsoft Surface Pro with iCore5 Pocessor. The OS is Windows Pro , 20H2, build 19042.1348.

      MidiBerry recognizes USB Midi Devices and BLE Midi devices well but it never recives any messages of the devices. Other people seem to have the same Problem . So please try to find a solution and tell me the result.

    6. Hi, I’m using MIDIberry-IO for MD-BT01 + loopMIDI with a MIDI player and the latency is too bad, is there a way to improve that ?

  1. Hello. Is it possible to configure communication in both directions to a MIDI device? I am using a UD-BT01 and have no problem setting up MIDIberry and loopMIDI to communicate either from my PC to the MIDI device or from the MIDI device to my PC. However, I need it to work in both directions and MIDIberry does not seem to support this and Windows won’t let me open up multiple instances of MIDIberry. Thanks for any help with this!

    1. MIDIberry supports only one direction.
      If you want to configure communication in both direction,
      use MIDIberry and WindSYNTHberry with loopMIDI.

      Download WindSYNTHberry

      – UD-BT01 to loopMIDI
      – loopMIDI to UD-BT01

      Please tell me what you use MIDI device and software.

      Thank you!

      1. I am using a Fractal Audio AX8 guitar pedalboard which has editing software called AX8-Edit that communicates over USB using MIDI SysEx. Would you expect that to work setting it up like you described?

        My first attempt with using MIDIberry and WindSYNTHberry as you described didn’t work but I didn’t have a lot of time to troubleshoot in case I messed up one of the settings. It seemed like some of the SysEx messages weren’t making it to or from the device.

        1. If you do not succeed in the way presented, try the reverse order.

          – UD-BT01 to loopMIDI
          – loopMIDI to UD-BT01

  2. I came up with the following matters.

    Please create 2 ports on loopMIDI, for IN and OUT separately.
    Please check the setting of your hardware, MIDI Merge OFF, Local OFF.
    Please be careful not to loop MIDI signal.

      1. Hello,
        I have midiberry working on one windows 10 box… but dcannot get the other to work. It pairs the BT key. and miniberry sees it, but when I click on it, does not say “waiting for input” like the other, it goes right to Device Information Found! and stops there. 🙂

        1. What is the Bluetooth device you use?
          What version of Windows 10 do you use?

          Since the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709) has a problem with MIDI, MIDIberry does not work.

  3. I was able to successfully use this method with standalone synths as well. Have tried with Kontakt 5, Korg M1, as well as Cakewalk Rapture.

    I am finding that the latency is a little bit high. I wonder if there is anything you can do to speed the code up? Especially when you are mapping MIDI CC…. its better when you don’t have to do any mapping.

    My setup is Yamaha WX-5, Intel i7, 16 GB Ram, Audient ID ASIO, Yamaha MD-BT01

    Good Job!

    I look forward to any enhancements you

  4. Hi,

    First of all, thank you for this app.

    In my case I got an issue routing the MIDI out. Everything seems to be working fine inside MIDIberry. I can see the notes being displayed in the MIDI Monitor and even I can hear the piano if I choose Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth as MIDI out but as soon as I select loopMIDI as output and then loopMIDI as input in my DAW (Reaper x64) or MIDI-OX no MIDI input activity is detected in these programs.

    Do you know could I solve it?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Alex

      I also downloaded Reaper and tried it, but it works without problems. First of all, please do not minimize MIDIberry’s window.
      If it does not work please try installing MIDIberry and loopmidi again.

  5. Suggestion? can you make windsynthberry translate cc 2 to aftertouch? I find that works better (generally) than expression or volume..

    thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you for a nice suggestion.
      I would like to implement it in the next version.

    2. WindSYNTHberry 1.0.4 released!
      It can translate cc 2 to aftertouch.
      Please tell me if there is any problem

  6. 1.0.4 is great! the cc2 to aftertouch works great with patchman’s patches for the M1! now the standalone M1 doesn’t need midi-ox any more which really helps the latency. good job…

    it just seems to get more useful… you going to offer a paid version rather than the adware version? just an idea.

    Phil Kemp

    1. I will consider paid applications in future versions.
      How much would you pay for this? 🙂

      1. I think no more than $10….25$ seems way too high and the value is more then 2-5$ IMHO…


  7. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I cannot even get WindSynthberry to respond, I am not able to click on any options or bring out the side menu. I have a feeling it is simply locking up when starting it even though it does display the Midi devices I have connected. I am running the latest version from the store on Windows 10 x64 Pro, Ver. 1703, OS Build 15063296 on Dev Preview.

    Would really like to get this working but am stuck as the app simply does not respond to any mouse clicks etc.


    1. Please delete the Bluetooth device and try pairing with Bluetooth once.
      Or, please delete and reinstall the application once.

      1. Hi,

        I have tried that multiple times. Even without a device connected the app just locks up on start, it is completely unresponsive. There is definitely a compatibility issue.

  8. Just uninstalled and re-installed again and the app is responding now. Not able to test at the moment but all appears good now 🙂

  9. Windows10 x64 Home Creators Update 1703上でQuicco Sound mi.1 Rev.2は認識はするもののペアリングできない。mi.1 Rev.3はペアリングでき、MIDIberryで認識するもののEWI4000S+mi.1(Rev.3)–>MIDIberry->loopMIDI->Cakewalk SONAR X2->Roland V-Studio 100(ASIO)->Audio OUTの当方環境では極度のレイテンシーで実用にはならない。iOSのようにサクサクとは行かないようだ。

    1. 動作状況を教えていただき、ありがとうございます。

      使用しているうちに発生してしまうレイテンシーについては、MIDI MONITORのON/OFFで多少改善できる場合があります(MIDI MONITORのOFF時に、通常は自動で行われるガベージコレクションを強制的に行います)。

      しかし、それ以外の状況には今のところ対応できないでいます。当方ではmi.1 rev.3、OSはCreator Updateという環境でさほどレイテンシが気にならない状態なのですが……。

      midiberryの設定で出力をMicrosoft GS Wavetable Synthでも同じ状態でしょうか?


  10. 早速の返答ありがとうございます。ご指摘のMIDI MONITOR=offの状態ですし、MS GS Wavetable Synthでも同じでした。
    参考までに、当方のiOS環境はEWI4000S+mi.1–>iPod Touch(Ver.9.3.5)->iRig MIDI->Lightning USBカメラアダプタ->USB HUB->Roland UM-ONE mk2(MIDI out)->Roland VS-100(MIDI in)->SONAR X2->Roland VS-100 Audio Out(ASIO)->モニタースピーカーとなっています。

    1. 当方、YAMAHA WX5は使用したことがあるのですが、EWIについては知らなかったので、EWI4000Sが送信するデータを確認してみました。




      MIDIberryが使用しているUWP MIDI APIは昨年登場したばかりということもあってか、パフォーマンス面で従来のものより劣るようです(これはマイクロソフトにがんばってもらうしかありません)。また、プログラム使用している言語のC#も、C++よりも劣るようです(半分は当方のプログラミングスキルの問題)。

      こうした現状から、私が提案できるのは、EWI4000Sから送信するデータをなるべく減らすことくらいです。実際に必要なデータはアフタータッチ、ブレス、エクスプレッションのどれでしょう? しぼることはできませんか?




  11. EWI4000のブレス関連のMIDI CCを11(Expression)だけにすると、かなりレイテンシーは改善しますが実用レベルではありません。また、Verocityが固定される為に、音の立ち上がりが単調になり吹奏楽器の特徴が失われます。EWIは少なくともBreath, Verocity, Bend, Portamento, VolumeまたはExpressionを駆使して音源に表情を付ける楽器のようです。
    WindowsでBLE-MIDIがなんとか出来るようになった事に、敬意を表します。そして実用に向けてUWP MIDI APIの早期改善を切望します。

  12. はじめまして。

    BLE MIDIを実装したDJ用のポータブル・ミキサー「SigmaMIX」

    Ableton Live、Cycling74 Max7で受信出来ることを確認しました。

    もし可能なら、PC → デバイスの方向のBLE MIDIにも対応して
    頂けないでしょうか?PCからBLE MIDI経由でハード・シンセなど

    SigmaMIXの場合も、BLE MIDI経由でEQやゲインの調整を行う
    ため、PC→デバイスの方向のBLE MIDIの通信ができると、ものすごく



    1. yamamo2 さん、はじめまして。





      これは、Windows 10のBLE-MIDIサポートがまだ完全ではないから発生する問題です。当方ではいまのところどうしようもないです。

      市販のDAWのCakewalk SONARでも同様の状態で、PC→デバイスの送信側で不具合が出ています(SONARのフォーラムでもいくつか例があがっています)。

      ここで、ユーザーができるのは、マイクロソフトに現状を伝え、早期のバグフィックスをしてもらうことだと思っています。そのためにWindows 10のフィードバックハブへの報告をお願いします。



  13. 早速のお返事ありがとうございます。





    1. 当方が用意しているアプリケーションのドキュメントに不足があるので、まずはいくつか補足説明をしておきます。


      両アプリともWindows 10 Anniversary UpdateでサポートされたUWP MIDI APIを使用しています。同APIでのプログラミング時は、従来からある有線デバイス、新たにサポートされたBLE-MIDIデバイスを気にする必要はありません(判別方法はMIDIデバイス名を見るくらいしかないようです)。




      loopMIDIのポートは、入力側は「loopMIDI Port(1)」というように正常に名前が出ますが、出力側はすべて「MIDI」という名前になってしまいます(これはUWPの仕様。マイクロソフトはloopMIDIの実装に問題があると主張しているようです)。これではわかりにくいので、IDから数字の羅列部分を拾って付け足してあります(ポート名 末尾の[xxxxx])。これで判断してください。

      たとえば、入力側に有線接続のMIDIコントローラー(KORG nanoKontrolなど)を選択、出力側にBLE-MIDIデバイスを選択した場合など。

      WindowsのBLE-MIDIドライバあるいはAPIの実装にも問題がありそうなので、デバイスによっては結局うまくいかないという可能性はおおいにあります。また、当方が所持している送受信可能なBLE-MIDIデバイスがQUICCO SOUND mi.1 Rev.3の1つしかないので動作検証がままならない部分もあります。



      1. 丁寧なお返事ありがとうございます。




        1. こちらこそありがとうございました。

  14. Hi, I am trying to send SysEx messages and they do not work when sent via Bluetooth. I’m using Windows 10 Creators update and QuiccoSound mi.1.

    MIDI-OX -> loopMIDI OUT-> MIDIBerry -> mi.1 OUT
    mi.1 IN -> WindSYNTHberry-> loopMIDI IN -> MIDI-OX

    also tried

    MIDI-OX -> loopMIDI OUT-> WindSYNTHberry-> mi.1 OUT
    mi.1 IN -> MIDIBerry -> loopMIDI IN -> MIDI-OX

    Any advice?

    1. In current Windows 10, it seems that MIDI OUT via Bluetooth does not work properly. There is nothing we can do. There seems to be only waiting for Windows update.

      Since Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has another problem, update is not recommended at the moment.

  15. this issue is officially in the windows 10 creators update bug list. i worked with cakewalk and ms to get it accepted. no date for resolution at this time….

  16. Looks like the latest windows update (today) allows visibility and enumeration of the bluetooth midi adapter. Unfortunately even though windsynthberry sees the adapter, no data is transferred. at least the midi log shows nothing.

    cakewalk also hangs when i try to choose the md-bt01 as the midi device…

    looks like they got it half right… now we need to figure out why data is not flowing….


    1. Which version did you update?
      I have not received it yet. I will try as soon as I can update it.

    1. Thank you.
      I also updated to version 1709, Build 16299.64.
      I confirmed that it is in exactly the same state.
      I will report again to Feedback HUB.

  17. I gave up on MS fixing this problem in the short term. I purchased a widibud and with your s/w it works like a champ! I have my wireless wx-5 back!

    now we just need MS to step up and fix the UWP Midi interface!


    1. I also confirmed that Microsoft fixed the bug!
      on Fall Creators Update / Windows 10 Version 1709 Build 16299.125

  18. I’m using MIDIBerry with a Yamaha MD-BT01 and LoopMidi on a Win 10 (not updated to 1709). MD-BT01 shows as Connected in the list of BlueTooth devices, MIDIBerry sees it, and also sees LoopMidi. I set the MD-BT01 as my input and LoopMidi port as my output. At this point I do not see any data in the data window. I then restart Bluetooth Support Services, redo the connections in MIDIBerry and now I can see data in the data window. Not sure why restarting the BlueTooth Service Support fixes it.

    1. The problem seems to be caused by Windows, so it seems that we can deal with it. You may be able to solve the problem by updating Windows.

  19. Hello i have Windows 10 Pro 1807 and download of Midiberry from MS Store dosent work. Can i download it anywhere?

  20. Hello

    Thanks for this useful software!

    Is there a way to save MIDIBerry configuration? My preferred in/out devices are lost when I restart. I have MIDIBerry running on Windows startup and would like the previous device selection restored automatically if possible.

    Thanks for your time

    1. Thank you for waiting.
      We released a new version of MIDIberry.
      When restarting, restore the input / output device.
      Also added a virtual keyboard.

  21. I want to download MIDIberry to my laptop running Windows 7. Is that possible or the only way is updating it to Windows 10?

  22. Hello,
    I’m using : WIN10 fully updated, MIDIberry, loopMIDI.
    It works, but I have some latency.
    It would be acceptable for controllers, but not for playing.
    Any suggestion or should I not waste time in searching a solution at the moment ?
    Thank you!!!

        1. If you turn MIDI MONITOR OFF and ON, there is a possibility that garbage collection will work and latency will improve a bit.

          1. Hi, I tried turning MIDI MONITOR OFF and ON, but nothing changed. It’s a pity because this latency is not huge, but not little enough for playing.

  23. Hi,

    I’m trying to get an OP-Z to work with ableton on a surface pro over Bluetooth. No luck. Please help.

    Ports show up just fine but no midi sent. OP Z is set up properly.

  24. Great app.
    I use this with my Quicco mi1, and my 4 Roli devices Seaboard Block, LightPad Block, Lightpad Block M and Loop Block – but only appear to be able to use one of them at a time, even when they are all connected to bluetooth. Is there a way to support multiple bluetooth devices at once?


    1. I want to make an app that supports multiple Bluetooth devices at once, but I have no money and time.
      If you use WindSYNTHberry, you can use another device.

  25. Hi. I am having issues installing midiberry yhrough Microsoft. Can you please help me? This is the message I am getting .

    I have windows 10 pro and I have added 1 device/my pc to my microsoft account

    1. If you have a Microsoft account, I can not say that.
      Contact Microsoft about what you can not install.

  26. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your useful SW.
    However, I have a basic issue.
    I am trying to send midi data from Windows 10 to iOS app.
    It works perfectly from MAC OS, but with
    WIN10 fully updated, MIDIberry/WindSynth and loopMIDI, I can connect but from iOS side it is not recognized as a “MIDI Service” or device.
    In the case of Mac OS -> iOS, there is a MIDI services that is advertised (with correct UUID) and the mac PC is seen as a midi device without any problem. I’ve written a small app on iOS which works perfectly.
    But with Win10, I could barely connect to Cubasis on ipad only once and see the data being transmitted from Win10 to ipad, but other less sophisticated apps couldn’t detect any midi device.

    My guess is that you should maybe add some data (that Mac OS is adding) to advertise midi service ? (I’m not too familiar with BT protocol, so it is just a guess).

    1. There are Central and Peripheral in BLE, but Windows BLE works only as Central. I think I can not help you.
      However, I think that using an app that works as a peripheral with Windows will work well. For example, ThumbJam.

  27. Hi Mr.bodyfresher, just wanted to say thank you for your work both midiberry and windsynthberry are working well, its great to use my ewiusb wirelessly 🙂 MUCH APPRECIATED!!!
    I use them both with Yamaha’s ud & md bt-01 at once on win10pro with no issues, mapping has to be done each time its restarted although it might be my setup that’s causing it, not a problem anyway. Thank you again!!! If you ever visiting London or Gdansk drop me a line and I will buy you a beer;-)
    Just an idea/question, would it be possible to use multiply connections/mappings in midiberry?
    Best regards, Andy

    1. Thank you for your comment. When I visit London or Gdansk, I will contact you.
      I want to support multiply connections / mappings but I have no time and money.
      If I have time, I would like to try a challenge. Thank you.

  28. OS: Windows 10 Pro, Ver 1809, Build 17763.437
    Device: MD-BT01
    Software: MIDIberry 1.1.0, loopMIDI

    Problem: Won’t reconnect after power cycle.
    I can go to Bluetooth settings, add the MD-BD01. At this point it says it is Paired. When I start MIDIberry and make the connections I can see MIDI data in the MIDI Monitor section. If power to the MD-BT01 is turned off then back on, I no longer see data in the MIDI Input window. In the Bluetooth settings it says ‘Connected’ the whole time even when power to the MD-BT01 is off.

    If I then close MIDIberry, the device goes from being ‘Connected’ to ‘Paired’ in the Bluetooth settings. Next I restart MIDIberry and the connection goes from ‘Paired’ to ‘Connected’ and I am once again able to see MIDI data.

    It appears MIDIberry is unable to sense when the MD-BT01 loses power.

    1. The problem occurs because the Windows 10 BLE stack can not get the MIDI device’s power state. There is nothing we can do.

  29. We are looking to provide a single solution for our customers (we make BlueTooth pedal controllers) that accomplishes the same result as midiberry and loopmidi.

    Is it possible to purchase a driver from you that is branded, “AirTurn”?

    Thank you!!


    1. I’m sorry I didn’t notice the post and I’m sorry for the late reply.

      It’s hard to make what you want. I think I can create it using the VirtualMIDI SDK used in loopMIDI, but that requires a license fee.

      If you want the same functionality as MIDIberry (not including loopMIDI), I can create it.
      What kind of procedure is necessary?

      If you want to reply by email, reply by email.
      I can’t speak English, so it may take some time.
      Thank you.

  30. Hi there! Thanks for MIDIberry. I have it working one way just fine.

    However, is there a way to do two routes at the same time (or, launch two instances of the app)? I’m able to route in from my Yamaha BT01 to MuseScore via loopMIDI. But I would also love to route back out, and I can only figure out how to set up one route in MIDIberry at a time.

    1. You can’t launch two instances of the app, but you can use WindSYNTHberry.
      That gives the same result.

  31. Is it possible to route multiple devices simultaneously, like MidiTrix?


  32. OS: Windows 10 Pro, 1909
    Devices: MD-BT01, CME XKey Air
    Software: MIDIberry, loopMIDI

    MIDIberry works very well. Thank you very much!

    Is it possible to have a (paid) version without any advertisements inside?

  33. Thank you for this software, unfortunately it doesn’t work properly on my setup.

    OS: Windows 10, 1909
    Device: Roland FP-10

    MIDI IN doesn’t work. Nothing is logged in the input monitor. MIDI OUT works good.

    1. Turn off Bluetooth, and turn on.
      Remove the device from the Bluetooth settings and try pairing again.

      If that doesn’t work, there is nothing you can do here.
      Report the problem to the Feedback HUB on Windows.

      A similar thing happened with earlier Windows versions (I use Roland A-01). In that case, Windows update solved the problem.

    2. Roland A-01 had the same problem, but MIDI input became available in Windows 10 Version 1909 Build 18363.657.

  34. Works with My Kawai Es110, Win10 x64 1909, using Midiloop, midiBerry, Cakewalk. Seems to have difficulty with volume, speed, dropping notes as well. Good start — likely more problem with windows and too many software aspects losing sync.

    1. If you use Cakewalk, you don’t need to use MIDIberry. Cakewalk has a UWP MIDI mode.

      Menu Edit-Preference -MIDI-Rec / Play-Driver Mode
      (It may be different in English)

      Choose UWP instead of MME. Then you can select your device directly in Cakewalk.

      If there is still missing data, it is a problem with Windows 10. Submit the report to Feedback HUB of Windows 10.

  35. Hi bodyfresher,

    First of all, thanks a lot for developing this software and making it available to everyone. It has been fundamental for a project I am working on.

    Going forward, as I have just received some cash from my university start-up fund, I was wondering if there was some way you could develop a custom solution for my needs, as I need to have two bi-directional connections.

    I await your response!



  36. Hi, Your Midiberry works really well on my system so purchased Midiberry-IO for MD-BT01.
    Can’t get it to work.
    It detects the midiLoop (-BLE-IN, -BLE-OUT) OK. Should it also detect the MD-BT01 like the normal Midiberry does?
    Should the “MD-BT01 not found” message disappear once the BT01 is detected.
    Would love to get it working.
    Regards Robert.

    1. If “MD-BT01 not found” message disappear, the app has already detected MD-BT01.

      If the MIDI signal still does not reach your DAW, click the “Restart App” button in the app.
      If that still does not work, delete the MD-BT01 in the Bluetooth settings and then pair it again.

  37. Hi bodyfresher,
    Can you let me know why I can’t get Midiberry-IO for MD-BT01 working?
    I need both directions and using loopMIDI, Midiberry and WindSYNTHberry work fine with my MD-BT01- but not Midiberry-IO for MD-BT01.

    1. What is your Windows 10 Build and Version?
      Some builds and versions may not work properly. Apply the latest updates.

      1. 2 days of frustration because of name.

        MIDIberry-IO for MD-BT01 additional Information.

        * Program is standalone and only requires loopMidi.
        * The name “MD-BT01” can NOT be changed.
        (The iPad program MDUD-BT01 can change the name).
        * The “MD-BT01 not found!!!” message will change to
        “MD-BT01 selected successfully! Waiting fro message…” when connected.
        Great program – worth buying.
        NB. Updated MDREliminator to support – no cables required.

  38. I have just bought MIDIberry-IO for MD-BT01 for my Windows 10 PC, but as you suggested, it doesn’t work with the latest version of Windows 10 Pro (although the Microsoft Store compatibility information is misleading). I can see that the MD-BT01 is broadcasting (I can connect to it on my Android phone), but MIDIberry-IO for MD-BT01 just sits there.
    Any idea when you can fix this?
    I have paid for it. 🙁

      1. Sorry. You are right. The device is not Bluetooth pairing with Windows. It just says can’t connect. So the problem is with Windows or the Bluetooth driver?

        1. I think that it’s a Windows May 2020 update issue.
          I have no choice but to wait for Microsoft to respond or roll back the update.

          1. First of alll, thanks for your hard work. It means a lot for music community.
            I bought a laptop and found May update 2020 breaks MD-BT01 “compatibility”. This is so sad. It cannot be paired.
            I would be glad if I ccould follow any progress on this topic from you or from Microsoft.

            Is there any technical known reason about 2020 windows bluetooth stack is not leaving this device to be paired anymore?

            Sorry about it, it is just Microsoft fault again. We know you are hard working to make software to deal with those limitations but Microsoft is stacking more walls again instead making MIDI over BLE standarized and easy to use.
            Hope they do something to let this device be as useful as it should be.
            Thanks you.

          2. I think all we can do is report the defect to Microsoft.
            I submitted a report to the Feedback HUB on Windows 10.
            I would like you to submit a report to Feedback HUB.

            In previous versions of Windows, issuing a report fixed the same bug. Again, I hope the user submits a report and the issue is resolved.

  39. I have updated all the drivers and I can see the MD-BT01, but it fails to pair. I’ll keep trying!

  40. I have a Roland HP704 digital piano which has Bluetooth Midi on board. Could this device work with BT2Reaper? I am able to pair the device with Windows but it’s not listed in BT2Reaper

    1. BT2Reaper only enumerates tested devices. We have not tested the Roland HP704.
      If you say that the MIDIberry is picking up the HP704 and the MIDI input from the HP704 is available, I might be able to adapt the program to the HP704.

      Is the device name displayed on MIDIberry correct to be “HP704”? ‥

      By the way, I own the Roland A-01, but since I can’t connect well in many cases, I remove it from the support of BT2Reaper.

      Thank you.

      1. I have released BT2Reaper Ver. 1.0.3. This version is provisionally compatible with HP704. Please try it.

        1. Wow, thanks for the great and quick change to the app.
          Unfortunately, while I’m able to select the HP704, I”m stuck at the “Device selected successfully! Waiting for message…” message. I assume that should disappear when I play any note, but it does not. In Midiberry, I’m able to route the input of the HP704 to the Microsoft Wavetable synth as well to as to the HP704 midi out, as a loopback.
          Does it make any difference at what channel the device sends its data?

          1. With BT2Reaper version 1.0.2 or later, the green lamp in the upper right corner of the window flashes when there is Bluetooth MIDI input. Is it blinking?

            Also, is there a reaction when you press the virtual keyboard that opens from the hamburger menu in the upper left of the window?

            Please review the REAPER settings once again.

  41. Hi,

    I’m running Windows Insider version 20226 and apparently the fixed the ability to pair with the Yamaha MD-BT01 but now, apparently, your MIDIberry (and Midiberry-IO for Yamaha) both crash when I turn them on.

    I have successful paired to the dongle and have gotten loopMIDI up and running. only thing left is to get your bridge up and running and we are good to go!

      1. Hi bodyfresher,

        Since I’m actually a Microsoft employee, I’ve been in contact with Pete Brown from MS directly and asked him to reach out to you as well.

        I am assuming that it’s related to something that changed in windows, however, I was able to compile the demo code they have, enumerate the Yamaha dongle and even poll inputs and outputs so I’m sure this can be resolved if you are able to see what is causing the issue with your current code.

        I’d really appreciate your assistance here. I’ve already purchased the MIDIBerry-IO-Yamaha version from you to support you.


        1. Thank you for your reply and thank you for your support.
          I understand the situation.

          I installed Dev channel Build 20236.
          I’m able to pair with the dongle.
          MIDIBerry and MIDIBerry-IO for MD-BT01 works fine!
          I haven’t done anything about MIDIberry.

    1. It’s hard to keep up with that older version. The OS version is no longer supported by Microsoft. Why do you need to support such an older version?

      1. Thank you for your reply, because the old tablet computer installed ltsb2016 does not support the new windows. So can you send me a 1607 offline installation package? midiberry.appx and WindSYNTHberry.appx file Thank you

          1. Hello, the browser did not remind me. I only saw the information now. I’m really sorry. The version number of my win10 is 1607. Although the installation is successful, the software crashes when I open it. The version 1607 is very important, because most low-profile tablets can run the version 1607_14393.0 smoothly, and the higher version will start to freeze and various bugs.

          2. Hello, the browser did not remind me. I only saw the information now. I’m really sorry. The version number of my win10 is 1607. Although the installation WindSYNTHberry 1.0.18 is successful, the software crashes when I open it. The version 1607 is very important, because most low-profile tablets can run the version 1607_14393.0 smoothly, and the higher version will start to freeze and various bugs.

          3. I have released MIDIberry 1.2.4.
            This version was created to support the Anniversary Update. Please try this version.
            If this works well, I will try to fix WindSYNTHberry in the same way.

          4. I have tested the 1706 version of win10, the installation of midiberry is successful, and the Bluetooth link device is successful, but midiberry does not display the device. I installed midiberry version 1.24 on my friend’s 1809 version win10. everything is normal. Hope to adapt to the old system as soon as possible, thanks

          5. Can you try unpairing and re-pairing? I remember that operation was required when upgrading the software.
            Or, try uninstalling MIDIberry and reinstalling it again before testing.

          6. I tried it, midiberry 1.2.4 can be turned on, but the midi device cannot be recognized. The Bluetooth connection to the midi device is successful, and it is repeatedly deleted and re-paired successfully, but midiberry cannot recognize the midi device. Reinstalling version 1809 win10 test midiberry1.2.4 can be recognized normally, but 1809 is very stuck for low-configuration tablets. I wonder if there is a bug in Win10 version 1607

  42. Hi! Just wanna do a shout-out to say thank you for making this app! For Windows users Midiberry is a godsend.

    Also want to share a troubleshooting tip for those who see “Input Device connected sucesfully! waiting for messages…” but couldn’t really have any midi signals coming in to PC… On my Surface Book, I found the problem was solved by simply connecting my laptop PC to a charger. On battery nothing would be shown in the input monitor. Maybe something’s limited with the UWP architecture.

    My PC is with the latest update of Windows in May 2021. I confirm I can use Roli Lightpad and my Raspberry Pi Midi Host Hub to connect different midi controllers!!

  43. Hi,

    I just got an EMEO wind controller, see with BLE midi (works on android and IOS so far) It is seen by win10 bluetooth available devices but it doesn’t pair like the Roland AE-05 does which I have been using successfully with midiberry and windsynth berry along with a 4000s and AE-10. It is built around an Ardurino MKR wifi 1010 board and that is the name that shows up when used wired by usb-c if that helps. It would be great if windsynth berry could support this via bluetooth as well. Also, the EMEO internally only has 3 transposition options C, Bb, or Eb so a transpose option in windsynth berry would be very handy as well as even other wind controllers that have full transposition options can be a pain to change on the device or reset every time the device is powered off so it would be great to leave them in C and set the transposition as desired in windsynth berry.


      1. Ok, I will report to Microsoft, good to see they have at least 1 person aware of the issues regarding midi BLE connectivity.

        The controller itself is very good. It is the size of a regular alto sax straight body section but with the bottom 3 finger pearls moved up a key. Where the D key is normally functions as the low C key so that it can keep all the physical keys on the straight body section. It feels like an alto then with a slightly smaller left hand section but all the key placements feel good so I don’t really notice the difference much. The key work feels like a pro horn with real steel springs and pads and that is really what you are paying for as it is meant as a practice device for saxophonists vs. a performance instrument on it’s own like the Akai EWI or the higher end Roland Aerophones. As such it doesn’t have a bite sensor or pitch bend thumb device but on the plus side you can use it with an actual alto mouthpiece and reed to control articulation. It also doesn’t have any onboard sounds but the Respiro midi synth software it comes with is designed specifically for wind controllers so it is pretty plug and play in that regard when connecting with the usb C cable. BLE midi does work with IOS and android as well but the Respiro software it comes with doesn’t have an android version.

        As a saxophonist it is the first wind controller I’ve had where I can leave my brain fully in sax playing mode while practicing without disturbing anyone and have what I’m working on in terms of key work and muscle memory transition right back to a real horn so for that it is great.

        As for possible features to add to windsynth berry in addition to transposition, a key delay filter setting like the Roland AE-10 has that lets you trade off a little latency for eliminating extremely short notes between intended notes due to slight fingering imprecisions would also be very useful and worth a small fee as it would make it possible for any wind controller to be a much cleaner input device for composition and arranging software and then easily go back to maximum responsiveness for practicing.


  44. Hi! I used your bt2reaper free trial but it did not work. I did the following steps:
    – Installed bt2reaper and made sure that the green light flashed at the same time when I pressed my keyboard.
    – Set up preferences on reaper (default pattern config, local listen port 58000)
    – Armed a track and selected it to MIDI > Virtual MIDI keyboard > All tracks
    It would be great if I get help! お願いします!

  45. I am using MIDIberry and loopMIDI to detect MIDI commands from a Kawai CA98 digital piano. Early last year it worked fine but several months ago it stopped working. I have verified that the CA98 is sending Bluetooth to an Android device so the problem must be on the PC side (Surface Pro Book). There have been several Windows updates over the past year.

    My current OS is V10.0.19044 Build 19044

    Any suggestions?

  46. I posted this earlier today but it is not listed in the comments so I am re-posting.

    I setup MIDIberry, loopMIDI and Bome’s MIDI Translator to respond to MIDI commands from a Kawai CA98 digital piano. It worked a year ago but several months ago it stopped working. I have verified that the MIDI is discovered on an Android device but it is not found on the PC (Surface Pro Book). There have been several Windows updates over time. My current Windows is V10.0.19044 Build 19044. Any suggestions?

  47. MIDIBerry works for me with CME XKey 25. With Cubase 12 now I no longer need to use Loopmidi to communicate with the DAW.

    Could you make it so the app doesn’t need to be open in order for it to work? Perhaps either minimize to system tray or just run in the background after setup?

  48. Hi!

    There’s no input for any kind of MIDI port (BT/wired/loopback). Very rarely one or two notes may pass when triggered simultaneously with input change in the app, but no more.

    Output works good for any kind of MIDI port. I can hear sound when clicking the virtual keys in the app.

    Same issue with MIDIberryM.

    I guess this is not a BT issue, because the app doesn’t get events from USB/virtual MIDI devices as well.

    Version 21H2
    OS build 19044.1645
    Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0

  49. Dear Fresher,

    I have installed MIDIberry, MIDIberry IO for WIDI master and loop midi on my Windows 11(Supposed to be fully updated). And would like to run the LinnStrument (Midi Keyboard) via StudioOne DAW application, however I do not see and can not add this. It would be wonderful if you could assist me to set this up and running.


  50. Dear Bodyfresher, is it possible to obtain an old version that runs on Windows 8.1? There is no driver for my oldish USB Audio Interface for Win 10, that’s why I would like to stay on 8.1. When opening the Windows store from Windows 8.1, MIDIberry does not appear in the store. I would highly appreciate your help. I am trying to connect a nanokey Studio via BLE to be able to better move on stage. Thanks Chris

  51. Greetings bodyfresher,
    Thanks for writing these nice utilities, I am looking for help choosing a Midiberry version for Windows 10.
    I have one Widi Jack and one Widi Master. I am using them to connect a FCB1010 midi foot controller, which is running third party firmware: This custom firmware makes it easier to program the controler, but also allows for more complicated settings than the stock firmware does. The config file is transferred from a PC to the controller over midi, and this requires a bidirectional MIDI connection.
    I am using loopMidi for routing, and I have downloaded trial versions of MidiberryM, MidiBerry for WIDI Jack, and MidiBerry for WIDI Master. All of these apps work fine in order to receive messages from the WIDI JAck and WIDI Master, but I can only get MidiBerry for Jack and MidiBerry for Master to work bidirectionally. (If I try to use MidiberryM bidirectionally the fcb1010 software times out.)

    Since I have one of each WIDI devices, I understand it makes sense for me to buy MidiBerryM, instead of the other two apps, but I would need it to work bidirectional. If all three apps are using the same underlying code, is there a setting or some change I could make to allow MidiberryM to work for this application, or is there a reason why it won’t work while the other two do?


    1. MIDIberryM works bi-directionally like MIDIberry for WIDI Master or Jack. They are all based on the same code.
      Try unpairing the WIDI device and pairing it again. That might work.

  52. Hello,

    I have used MIDIBerry to verify function with my OP-Z and then purchased MIDIBerryM. Unfortunately connecting does not always work and especially problematic note on messages get deactiveted directly (using loopMIDI) so I can’t play properly. Since the application was very expensive I really need it work, otherwise I need to ask for a refund.

    Best regards,


    1. We have updated our MIDIberryM. We changed the target OS for building the program to the latest version. Maybe this will make the program work better.
      Please let us know what version of OS you are using.

      1. Hi and thank you very much for your reply.I’m using Windows 11 21H2 build 22000.

        After the update the “Restart app” button is working and in my first few tests connection also seemed to work a lot better. I will keep you updated on this.

        Regarding the note off events this is unfortunately not yet fixed. I checked loopMIDI with DbgView, when pressing a note I get

        9D 3C 64
        8D 3C 00

        from MidiberryM and when I release the note from the keybed I get another

        8D 3C 00

        I verified that with Midiberry I only get one note on event when pressing and one note off event when releasing.

        Best regards,


        1. Small correction, connection and restart button worked properly once after starting the first time. The second time the restart button does no longer work and while the device shows it was able to connect nothing happens. Maybe some hanging backend or a locked thread?

          1. I have released a new version 1.0.3 of MIDIberryM. It seems to work fine on my Windows 11 computer. I hope it works fine on your computer.

  53. Hi bodyfresher,

    thank you very much for the update! It seems to me that connection issues are now fixed and the restart button also works reliably.

    Unfortunately I still have the note off issue which is not present in the normal Midiberry. If I hit the note very fast two times in a row the second note does not get the note off event, maybe that helps debugging.

    Best regards,


  54. Hi,
    Everytime I tried to install ‘Midiberry’ from Microsoft Store, I got ” 0x80072F8F” errors. I though it was a problem of Store itself so I reinstalled the store but it’s still the same. Also there are apps I can install from the store, such as “Acrobat Reader” so it might not be the problem of the store itself. Could you give me an advice to solve it? Also do you only distribute Midiberry only through the MS Store?


  55. Hi I tried so setup MIDIBerry 1.04 on Windows 11. Sending from the virtual keyboard of the app works fine to the outputs, but the inputs seems not to recieve MIDI data or the bridge funcion does not work.
    Any suggestions?
    Kind regards,

  56. Hi,
    I’ve got Katana 100 MKII and Airstep Kat and I’m trying to connect BTS running on a Windows PC via the Bluetooth provided by the Airstep Kat controller.
    I trialed MIDIberryM + loopMIDI but that didn’t work.
    My question is, should I expect it to work or not.

  57. Hello! こんにちは

    I am trying to use MIDIBerry with a MIDI Controller (Carry-on Digital Wind Instrument) but I cannot seem to get any MIDI input from the controller. The controller does pair over BT and shows up in both the Input and Output lists, but the Input Monitor is empty no matter what I play using it.

    I have searched around and have found some comments on some videos from others who tried and had no luck either.

    I would love to assist by providing any related information you require to resolve this issue and make this work.

    Please feel free to let me know if you’re interested. It will definitely make the few of us who bought this and really want it to work on Windows 10/11 really happy. Thanks!

    1. We also purchased a Carry-on Digital Wind Instrument, but unfortunately it does not work with MIDIberry, it is a problem on the Windows side, so there is nothing we can do at this time.

      Some Bluetooth MIDI devices are not compatible with Windows. For example, Artiphon ORBA, Roland A-01, and the Carry-on Digital Wind Instrument.

      I think the issues are due to a problem with Windows.
      Please report Bluetooth LE MIDI issues using the Feedback Hub.

      1. Hi bodyfresher,

        Thanks for the quick response and useful link, I will submit my logs and email the Microsoft engineer in the link you posted.

        I will report back if I have any good news!

  58. Hi brother. First of all thank you for trying to create what Multi-billion Dollar company Microsoft lacks as simple native support . I have a Carry-on 49 new version midi keyboard which has BLE and works well in Ipad -Iphone and Android phones. But I seem to have exactly the same problem what this Carry on Windsynth person faced. Is it also a Windows bug which you can not do anything about. Because keyboard works without any problems with cable . I have tried both a Samsung Laptop and my desktop with the same result (No input data being received ) 🙁

  59. My working hardware and software setup is:

    Midi controller footswitch: M-VAVE Chocolate.
    DAW: Studio One version 6.2

    After a power shutdown of the M-VAVE Chocolate, I have te reprogram the Chocolate.
    I also want to use the Chocolate footswitch for controlling YouTube. It is possible, but I have to reprogram the Chocolate footswitch after I restart the Chocolate footswitch.

  60. Hi, I tried using the free trial of BT2Reaper with my XSonic Airstep, but there’s no input detected within Reaper.
    The BT2Reaper app detects the Airstep, and the green light flashes on input.
    I have checked the OSC settings on Reaper, and it is allowed in Firewall. Other OSCs/Web interface controls are working fine.
    Is the app incompatible with Reaper 7+?

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