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If you tried MIDIberry, please tell me whether your device works.
If you have any questions, please write comments.



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  1. Hello. Is it possible to configure communication in both directions to a MIDI device? I am using a UD-BT01 and have no problem setting up MIDIberry and loopMIDI to communicate either from my PC to the MIDI device or from the MIDI device to my PC. However, I need it to work in both directions and MIDIberry does not seem to support this and Windows won’t let me open up multiple instances of MIDIberry. Thanks for any help with this!

    1. MIDIberry supports only one direction.
      If you want to configure communication in both direction,
      use MIDIberry and WindSYNTHberry with loopMIDI.

      Download WindSYNTHberry

      – UD-BT01 to loopMIDI
      – loopMIDI to UD-BT01

      Please tell me what you use MIDI device and software.

      Thank you!

      1. I am using a Fractal Audio AX8 guitar pedalboard which has editing software called AX8-Edit that communicates over USB using MIDI SysEx. Would you expect that to work setting it up like you described?

        My first attempt with using MIDIberry and WindSYNTHberry as you described didn’t work but I didn’t have a lot of time to troubleshoot in case I messed up one of the settings. It seemed like some of the SysEx messages weren’t making it to or from the device.

        1. If you do not succeed in the way presented, try the reverse order.

          – UD-BT01 to loopMIDI
          – loopMIDI to UD-BT01

  2. I came up with the following matters.

    Please create 2 ports on loopMIDI, for IN and OUT separately.
    Please check the setting of your hardware, MIDI Merge OFF, Local OFF.
    Please be careful not to loop MIDI signal.

  3. I was able to successfully use this method with standalone synths as well. Have tried with Kontakt 5, Korg M1, as well as Cakewalk Rapture.

    I am finding that the latency is a little bit high. I wonder if there is anything you can do to speed the code up? Especially when you are mapping MIDI CC…. its better when you don’t have to do any mapping.

    My setup is Yamaha WX-5, Intel i7, 16 GB Ram, Audient ID ASIO, Yamaha MD-BT01

    Good Job!

    I look forward to any enhancements you

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